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We’re looking for experienced attorneys who love helping individuals and small businesses.

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The LawBridge Mission.

The LawBridge mission is simple.  We aim to build the nation’s greatest network of experienced lawyers to provide affordable and efficient legal services to individuals and small businesses for all their legal needs.

We believe the greatest network is not necessarily the largest.

We are building an exclusive network of the best attorneys we can identify across a wide variety of practice areas.  Our goal is to invite into our network the best 1 to 3 attorneys in a given location for a given practice area.

We are looking for attorneys with at least 8 years of experience and no disciplinary history.  For candidates who meet these initial criteria, we will then request recommendations from at least 3 clients and 3 attorneys, followed by a video interview with our founders.

Attorneys invited to become part of the LawBridge Network will pay absolutely nothing to be in our Network.

They will receive introductions to LawBridge customers who need legal help in their geographical area and for their area of expertise.  Additionally, they will have access to our entire LawBridge Attorney Network where they can lend or receive expertise on legal matters and participate in a member-to-member referral network. Lastly, our attorney members will have the distinction of passing our rigorous vetting process and becoming a member of the exclusive LawBridge Attorney Network.

We require that our members do only a few things.  

  • First, we require our attorney members to offer free initial consultations.  
  • Second, our attorney members must offer discounted rates to LawBridge Advantage Plan Members.  
  • Third, our attorney members must reply to calls and emails within 1 business day.  
  • Additionally, we encourage all of our attorney members to adopt our proprietary workflows which promote efficiency and affordable representation for LawBridge customers.  

If our LawBridge Attorney Network members want or need more, they will have access to our suite of back office and administrative services. These services include bookkeeping, invoicing, payment processing, retainer management, financial reporting, tax accounting, coordination of payroll, digital marketing, and general firm promotion.  We can also set up and administer all technology necessary to support attorney members’ practices. We can provide a team of support personnel (paralegals, legal assistants, secretaries, associates, etc.) to provide all the support our attorney members need.  Lastly, our attorney members can access our automated document generation platform and even arrange for customized document automation services.

If you are interested in joining the LawBridge Network, please email us at to get started.

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